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Live Alligators at Gator Chateau

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Interact with live alligators and learn about them! The Gator Chateau is home to rescued baby alligators as well as mature alligators. We foster the gators until they are able to be released back into their natural habitat. Our alligator docent will educate you in all things Alligator! Our babies are hand fed, they don't bite, and you can hold them and take your picture!

Hours of Operation

Open Year Round!
Monday thru Saturday, 9AM to 5PM

Public Feeding Times

June thru September, Fridays at 3:30PM

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Where Can You Find The Chateau?

Louisiana Oil & Gas Park
100 Rue de l' Acadie, (I-10 Park Exit 64)
Jennings, LA 70546
Phone: 337.821.5521 or 1.800.264.5521

No admission charged.
Motor coaches are welcome. Reservations available for Field Trips and Group Tours.

Group Tour Description: 

When your group arrives at the Gator Chateau, the students will line the fence on the outside of the outdoor exhibit. One of our alligator handlers will then enter the gator pit inside the exhibit and give a lesson on the gators- everything from their habitat, what they eat, how they grow, to how we care for them at our rescue facility.

After the lesson, we will split your group up into smaller groups. Forming a circle around one of our handlers, the students are allowed to hold one of our baby gators and take a pic with them.

Following your tour, be sure to stop in next door at the Jeff Davis Parish Visitors Center to purchase a gator souvenir.

If your group is here around lunchtime, bring a sack lunch and have a picnic at our park. We have pavilions and picnic tables, along with full playground.

Please feel free to call or email us your inquires at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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